Donald has recorded two CDs. The first CD titled Land of the Western Sky was released in 1994 and has recently been re-issued (new pressing available January 2002). The second CD titled Doon Yonder Den was released in the summer of 1997. There are twelve tracks on the latest CD (plus two bonus hidden tracks) including four originals, five traditional songs, and one song each from Andy M. Stewart, Robin Laing, and Ian Campbell. It was recorded at Greendoor Recording Studio in Hamilton, Ontario and engineered by Steve Didemus. It was produced by Donald McGeoch and Steve Didemus.


1. Golden Golden 7. The Old Man's Song
2. The Isle of Eigg 8. The Ladies Evening Song
3. Plooboy Laddies 9. The Greates Wee Pub
4. All You Ever Wanted 10. I Will Cherish The Memories
5. Only My Heart Knows 11. Rigs O'Rye
6. Road Tae Dundee 12. Massacre of Glencoe

To order send $24.00 (includes taxes, shipping & handling) to:
Don McGeoch, 22 Spartan Drive, Brantford, ON N3R 6C7

Phone (519) 759-7676
Money order or certified cheque only (do not send cash). Please include your mailing address.

Donald McGeoch - guitar, vocals, backing vocals, whistle
Denis Rondeau - bass
Allison Lupton - flute & whistle
Dave Jensen - accordion
Steve Fuller - fiddle & viola
Rob Davidson - percussion
Randal Hill - mandolin & banjo
David Szwarc -guitar
Steve Didemus - guitar

Now Available Again


1. Lancashire Lads 8. Homeland
2. Dumbarton's Drums 9. Come by the Hills
3. Land of the Western Sky 10. Sound the Pibroch
4. Number Two Top Seam 11. The Porcelain Waltz (Shanks)
5. Scot's Wha Hae 12. Keep the Fiddle Playing
6. Leaving Nancy 13. Jamie Raeburn's Farewell
7. Just Another State 14. Cadgwith Anthem

All songs traditional, except Leaving Nancy (Eric Bogle), Number Two Top Seam (Watson),
Homeland, Land of the Western Sky, Just Another State, The Porcelain Waltz (D. McGeoch),
Keep the Fiddle Playing (D. McGeoch and S. Fuller)

Donald McGeoch - guitar, vocals, harmony vocals
Steve Fuller - fiddle
Allison Lupton - flute & whistle
Harry Jongerden - bass
Sharon Fitzsimon, Gerry Dion, Martin Zimber - harmony vocals
Steve Didemus - second guitar, dobro
Jeff Daw - mandolin
Ruth Sutherland - harp, harmony vocals

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